During the last 12 months, we have been struggling to transform a global difficult situation in an opportunity.

Our team worked hard to develop and finally release a number of new, revolutionary products covering every sector in motorsport safety.

We would have liked to show them in a great event, the fifth of our beloved World Meetings. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait some more time for this.

Nevertheless, we strongly believe you deserve a complete and immersive presentation of those novelties we are so proud of. This is the reason why we are delighted to present you the 2021 – THE WEB SERIES by OMP, Bell and Zeronoise with Racing Spirit.

It’s a series of nine videos (one trailer and eight episodes), hosted by our technicians and key people and featuring 3D renderings and exclusive previews. You can enjoy them on your desktop or mobile device, with subtitles in English, French, Spanish and Italian which you can easily set on the Youtube player.
We hope you’ll enjoy them, as we keep waiting to finally welcome you to a real, great event.